About Us

Ed and Jean KillianAlthough Ed has 30 years in the winemaking industry, our story goes back 40 years, when we were newlyweds, and Ed, who was interested in fermentations, was pursuing a hobby in home winemaking and brewing.  This passion for winemaking led us to move to Davis, CA where Ed earned a masters degree in enology.  Over the years since, Ed has specialized in wines from Sonoma County, making award winning wines for several prestigious brands and developing an intimate understanding of the soils, microclimates, and varieties that flourish in our cool coastal region.  Jean, for her part, became an avid wine taster and participant in many of the Sonoma County wine functions, and could be counted on to supply a very candid opinion on new wine blends that Ed made. The only thing we hadn't done was to produce a wine of our own, crafted after our love for the rich, ripe flavors of the special grapes grown in Sonoma Co.

So we went hunting for some nice Chardonnay fruit, grown by a veteran winegrower, and we happened upon a small vineyard owned by the Hill family and managed by Dennis Hill, himself an experienced winemaker.  It's been great working with Dennis because he understands what is needed in viticulture to achieve great wines, and he's committed to growing the fantastic fruit.


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